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Hello Everyone,

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Thanks for the responses yesterday and past. I would really like to meet again to see how we can work together.

My team and myself can help focus on what your after. 

We Welcome you to IN Creative, Marketing, PR, Branding and Publishing

I wanted to introduce you the thought for the day. I wanted to suggest to you why you want to use our website and tools that we use to make money for our clients, our companies, our teams. 1st off my name is Matthew W. Mayes, BFA, AA and founder of Mayes Design in 1986 and many other brands you will learn about during your revisit to our website. I have partners that are engineers all the way to the best finical advisors, doctors, scientist, engineers, designers, architects, artists, photographers, illustrators and typesetters that are really smart and really will work. We are here to help you grow your business, ideas or services in any industry that you are in.

First Magazine -

Our business and marketing plan guidelines help out tremendously. I am a business advisor, Creative/Art/Internet/PR Director specializing in helping businesses start from where their at, grow and the bottom line, run a better business and team to make a lot more money.

Right to the point. If we don't make more money together and fast why continue our goals together. Let us show you what we can do.

We offer services by providing the knowledge we have achieved since 1986 from federal/state regulations, banking, business plans  to branding in all kinds of areas, such as corporate identity, public relations, IT/web development and much more.

We offer highly skilled and experienced developers in fields such as SEO/SEM, PHP/MySQL Development, E-Commerce, and Mobile App and IOP/Android Development.

1.  Are you looking to create a new website in Word Press, Simple HTML or E-commerce etc?

2.  Are you looking to redesign your website with new modern and as per the latest industry standard look and feel?

3.  If your website is not mobile Friendly? We can make your current site mobile friendly/responsive?

Where we are at:

How we do it:

Where we are heading:

Love to hear from you on a time we could talk again soon. Is there a good time set up?

Best regards,  


Matthew W. Mayes, BFA

IN Creative, PR, Brandig, Marketing & Publishing

p:   602-875-4383

f:   480-760-2375 

a:   USA + Global, to our home office in Scottsdale, AZ

w: e:

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